Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Ah, the cautious optimism of that last post.  I had just had a great running week but knew that one week could not be a trend on its own.  The following week I only ran twice, and neither one was during the week!  I could blame it on outside forces (Monday- rain, Tuesday- school, Wednesday, church, etc.), but there was time.  I know it was there.  I am not good at finding it when my pre-planned schedule goes to pot.

Last week was better than zero but still sub-par.  I ran Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Monday was speed work, with four speedy quarter-mile repeats.   Thursday I ran with the bambino, and Saturday I did five miles in forty minutes, which is very fast for the distance for yours truly.  Clearly, when I get into my running shoes and out the door, I run hard and am proud of the effort.  But how do I get out of the door?

Take this week, for instance.  Yesterday (Monday), I packed my running clothes in a very chic Target bag (as in, the whitish plastic one from the checkout- absolutely nothing fancy or lovely, just reusing) and took them to school.  I had a school event at 6:00, but I figured it would be okay to run in between and show up slightly sweaty.  It would not be the first time.  Instead, I looked out the window at 3:50 as the students were leaving and said, "you know, it looks a little like rain.  Better just stay in and grade."  This wouldn't be so terribly bad, but instead of grading I played hearts on the computer.  Sad.

Today I am home with little man, who has a bit of a fever.  He napped for three hours this morning, and I napped for two.  I never nap.  Hopefully it will give me energy to go to the track tonight.  There's rain in the forecast, but I also registered for a 5k this weekend.  I may be lazy, but I am also cheap.  If I paid money for a running event, I will at least try to put in a good effort.

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