Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9-Day Streak!

Up until yesterday, I exercised every day of 2012.  For a pregnant lady, I'd say that's not too shabby.  Honestly, to day I planned on running a few miles, but sleep did not go well last night.  I was up twice because our otherwise wonderful cat was purring like a diesel engine in my ear (and knows how to open doors- that's the second one) and twice with the bambino: once for a lost blanky-bear and once because the darn cat opened his door and curled up on his bed.  All this plus normal second-trimester tossing and turning equals very little sleep.

So, here's a recap of my streak:
January 1- Resolution un-Run with Dad.  3.1 miles
January 2- 4-mile walk to and from a playdate, plus 1 mile run on the treadmill.
January 3- Treadmill while watching Biggest Loser.
January 4- 30 minutes of yoga
January 5- 2-mile neighborhood run
January 6- 2.6-mile loop from the house
January 7- 30-minute yoga
January 8- 30-minute yoga
January 9- 3-mile treadmill run

How do I feel?  A little run-down, but I don't think it's from exercise.  I am fighting off a cold right now.  Judging by the number of students who have been absent this week already, it's probably a losing battle.

And for tomorrow?  I want to streak again!  My legs did not feel overly tired, and the yoga helps me sleep.  I feel like building up my frequency of workouts now, while the intensity and speed are down, is a good way to maintain a real base when it comes to training.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! you will be so glad you stayed this fit after you have the baby. You are doing incredible!!