Friday, March 9, 2012

I Dream of Training

First, a disclaimer: I love being pregnant.  I love how my body has changed, and I love the purpose.  I already adore the tiny little girl growing in my (also growing) belly.  I cherish every head-butt, hiccup, and other movement that reminds me she's there.

I love being pregnant, but I fantasize about training and really running again: running more than three miles, getting progressively faster instead of slower, having different kinds of runs within a week.  Right now, the variety is indoor v. outdoor, music v. stroller.  I look forward to long runs, long race-pace runs, hill repeats (remind me that I'm looking forward to them, because when they happen, I will whine), speed work, tempo runs, stroller runs, and plain old runs.  It will be so nice to look at a month of training and see variety and progress toward a goal.

Perhaps this is the difference between runners and joggers: runners like goals and progress, whereas joggers just want a fitness routine.  Being pregnant has made my focus shift from goals to fitness, from progress to maintenance, and I'm itching to get back to normal.


  1. Oh. I SO know how you feel. Being a marathon runner myself, being pregnant (as much as I LOVE that my body can do this) isn't my favorite thing in the world. I miss running so much. And, YES, I miss tempo runs and hill repeats and pushing myself beyond 140 beats-per-minute and long runs.... oh, long runs.

    I am glad I am not alone in missing running. :-)

  2. Not at all! Although, with my midwife's blessing, I do go beyond 140. I'll go up to 160 or so, since I can still speak in complete sentences at that point. You are so close to motherhood! (and training).