Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Weeks Already

Yesterday as of 5:17 pm, Alfie has been out in the world for two weeks.  She's thriving, and it turns out that she's a pretty easy baby.

We had her two week appointment yesterday, where we learned that baby girl gained 20 ounces in 8 days.  In case you were curious, that's a lot; the average is about 1 ounce per day.  This just means that she's a good nurser (and that her mom makes some pretty awesome milk- just sayin').  She has an adorable double chin and some good leg and neck strength. I now hope that she will be a runner AND play rugby (probably scrumhalf or flank, since she will not be tall).

So civic-minded at such a young age!  Note the pudgy cheeks and double chin.
I feel pretty much back to normal, although my core is very weak.  Having muscles stretched out that far for that long does not make for a six-pack once the baby arrives.  Tuesday I started doing daily yoga and I can already tell a difference.  Here are some typical poses right now:

  • sun salutations- at least 4 total, 2 per side
  • cat/cow with leg extensions and leg and arm extensions
  • downward dog
  • seated spine twists- this feels amazing after several months of having to turn my entire body to see what was happening over my shoulder
  • tree pose
  • chair pose
  • bridge
  • seated and reclining leg stretches
  • plank
  • low lunge
Yesterday I also did a few lunges and some sumo squats.  They felt hard at the time, but today my legs are not sore.  The trickiest thing right now with lunges, squats, and a lot of the yoga poses is keeping my spine and hips in alignment.  Because it's hard to do, I know that I need to be doing it.  Next week Alfie and I will go to mom and baby yoga, brought to you by the same wonderfully demanding woman who teaches prenatal yoga in town.  I went to mom and baby with our son as well, and it was not easy.  Not in the least.  

On the running front, I think I might try a few very slow miles next week.  I feel great, and any concerns I might have had about my milk supply went away at the pediatrician's office yesterday- Alfie is a champion eater, and I know logically that moderate exercise will not harm supply.  Until then, I need to walk at least every other day to remind my body what forward motion feels like.  


  1. She is beautiful!! And I love her hair. My kid is still pretty much bald at 7 weeks.

    And I am happy to hear you're doing yoga and thinking of running next week. I got some grief from moms on my blog for starting to work out at 3 weeks post-baby but i think everyone needs to listen to their own bodies and do what is best for them. Good job and keep it up!

  2. Thanks! I'm sorry you got grief for starting to work out again- I've read a lot about returning to exercise, and the six week mark doesn't seem to apply if (a) you feel good and (b) you were active during pregnancy. If I ran two days before her birth, why on earth can't I run three weeks after if I feel up to it?