Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Running on School Days

When Guilford College had a pool, I used to swim one or two days a week during lunch as part of my training. I love swimming even though I'm a pretty bad swimmer. Alas, Guilford cemented over the pool last summer to improve their cardio and weight room. The new, improved facility is bigger and better, but as one of the few people who used the pool, I miss it.

Why would a runner miss a pool? The most important reason is that I turn bright red and sweat buckets when I run, even on a treadmill, even on a slow jog. Not only is it highly unattractive, but it is not conducive to a lunch-hour workout at all. The pool, on the other hand, cooled me off and had a shower right next door. It was the perfect way for me to exercise on a school day.

I run after school a few days a week now, but it's not ideal. The last month has been so hot, and 4:00 is just about the hottest part of the day. I run in the Guilford Woods most of the time because it's beautiful and a little cooler (and because I prefer to not run on my students' bus route as they head home in the afternoon). From my classroom to the trail and back ends up being 2.5 miles. When I don't feel pressed for time (which is rare during the week) I do the 1.5-mile trail loop twice, giving me 4 miles in all. The important thing right now is to get those weekday miles in; if I don't there's no way I'll be ready for the race. I can't train doing just long runs! In a few short weeks 4:00 will be cooler, the air will be drier, and there will be a breeze. I can't wait!

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