Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekday Runs and Next Weekend's Plan

I've run both Monday and Tuesday, which is unusual for me.  After Sunday's...er...lessons, I knew I needed to up my weekly runs and work through my leg pain.  Sunday afternoon my legs and back were sore and I had a headache; Monday morning I couldn't imagine running but knew that it had to help.  Ideally I should run four times per week, but it's hard to fit that in.  The weeks when I have three short runs plus a long run, my body feels better and I'm not as tired.  I just need to remember that when I decide to put off a weekday run for a less-than-worthy reason.

Monday's trail run started off with 1/2 mile of sore knees.  I've never had sore knees before, so I promised myself I would stop running if it continued for more than five minutes.  They were completely better before the time ran out and the slowish, uneventful run relieved my muscle soreness.

Today's run was great.  I added in six 30-second speed intervals and my legs didn't hurt at all.  Tomorrow I have a meeting after school so will not run, but Thursday I plan to run the Guilford Woods again.  It's easy on my (apparently finicky) knees and very close to work.

Saturday was going to be a 14-mile run, but after last weekend's experience I'm going to try again for 20.  I'll eat and drink more along the way and might even get a little radio to listen to NPR along the way.  Car Talk should get me through at least an hour.

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