Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Weeks From Today...

... We will be in our new house!  
... We will know if bambino #2 is a boy or a girl!
... I will be able to walk to the end of my street and hop on a 1.5-mile loop in the woods!
... I will have to go to school and teach a full day after closing on TWO houses and moving with a toddler.

I'm not as excited about that last one, but this is the price we're paying to have a shorter commute, more family time, and more chances to be with friends.  Yes, December first will be a long, tired day, but I'll only have to drive three minutes (yes, three!) to get home.  I could walk or run, but I wear fancy clothes to work.  I'd love to know how people manage the walk/run commute to or from work.  Are there showers in the office?  Do you take all of your clothes for the week and then change into them at work?  It's intriguing but confusing; for now, I'll just enjoy the short commute and run before or after school.

Speaking of running, I haven't this week.  I've logged three workouts on the elliptical, but there's just been precious little time to go outside.  My goal for the week is to work out five times, so I have until Sunday to fit in two more.  Hopefully at least one will be a run.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Changes, Changes, and More Changes

November must be the month for change...

  1. Our adorable two-year-old will turn three next week.  He's already practicing saying "NO" to us, so he should fit right into the horrible threes, as I've heard them called.  Honestly, he is amazing.  His moments of toddler terribleness are few and far between, and he redirects pretty well.  I can't believe how big he's getting!
  2. Speaking of big, I can't believe how big my belly is getting.  I'm fifteen weeks pregnant this week.  According to the bathroom scale, I've gained no more than two pounds, but my belly is large.  Enormous, or so it seems.  Last time around, I never bought maternity workout clothes, but I might need a shirt this time.  Yikes!
  3. We are moving closer into town at the end of this month!  While it's sad to say goodbye to the goats, sheep, turkey, and duck, I cannot wait to have a five-minute commute and both trails and roads to run out of my front door.
Some things haven't changed- I am still running, although not as often lately.  This is not really because of the babe in my belly, but because of planning a move, travelling to see friends and family, and teaching.  I ran three miles today, and it felt great.  We also went hiking this weekend while in Sewanee for Homecoming.  It was lovely.  I love being in the woods.

I have also completed a tentative plan for my March 2013 marathon.  It consists of three periods: 8 weeks of getting back into running (July1-September 1), 8 weeks of foundation (September 3-October 27), and then a 20-week marathon plan that tops out at 40-45 miles.  While writing the plan, I knew I was a little crazy.  2013 is a long way off!  It feels really good to plan for a big race, though.  I've only run two marathons, but I loved both of them and know that I can do even better.  I do not expect to get a PR in 2013 (at least in March...), but that's not really what that race is about.  It will be my dad's first marathon and my first marathon after baby #2, so finishing whole and happy will be more than enough.