Friday, November 26, 2010

Holy Turkey Trot!

I ran a 22:26 5k!  I reached my goal with room to spare and ran faster than I thought I could.  After the race, my dad reminded me that marathon training probably does help for shorter distances, too.  I guess I forgot that.  Yay! Now I'll have to look at my plans for the Resolution Run to see what is possible.  Can I take another thirty seconds off and run under 22:00?  Should I aim for a minute?  That sounds a little crazy...

The Greensboro Gobbler is hilly and crowded.  There was a dog jog before the 5k, so there were tons of people, people with dogs, people in costumes, and even people with dogs in costume.  I saw Gumby cheat by sneaking through the woods in the 5k, but others probably noticed, too.  It's hard to hide when you're Gumby.

I was fifth in my age group, so no commemorative mug.  The upside is that I'm at the top of my age group right now so next year I'll move up into slightly less competitive territory.  I was 20 overall for females, and there were over 1200 runners in all.  Big race!

I am so thankful for family that supports (enables?) my running addiction and for crazy runner friends who make it look oh so normal.


  1. Awesome job! You should be into the 21's in NO time!!

  2. Thanks! I hope so. I know it'll get harder to shave time off as I get faster, but I'm not THAT fast yet.

  3. Just found my way here from the HBBC site, and wanted to say hello - congrats on the PR! There's something really sad about a Gumby cheating... It seems un-American.

  4. i think it helps shorter distances because mentally it seems so easy compared to those super long runs!