Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where the heck have I been?

This spring, when I thought of summer break, I pictured long stroller runs and maybe a 5k or 10k pr.  The lack of school, students, and stress seemed like the perfect gateway to running.  Moreover, James really likes the jogging stroller now.  He truly enjoys riding with his blankie-bear and a snack while naming the animals he sees along the way and pointing out every runner, biker, and skateboard.

But the reality of summer in the south is this: you have three, maybe four hours in the morning where it's not too hot to exert yourself outside and when the sun won't burn through the sunscreen you so carefully put on.  And those four hours become much less since I refuse to set an alarm clock during summer break.  We wake up around 7:00, have an easy breakfast, and by 8:00 there are only two hours left at most on an average day.  Sometimes we run, but more often we walk (because James will run and walk along with me), go to the playground, or simply garden here at home.  My earlier dreams of running with the little man almost every day would sacrifice other activities that he loves.  There are also glorious days none of the grown-ups have work, and on these days we hike or go somewhere exciting during those cherished heat-free morning hours.

I have always struggled with fitting in time for running and family.  What seems different is that I don't feel guilty right now when I don't get in a run.  I've accomplished a lot in the last year: two marathons, two 5k PRs, and mastering the jogging stroller.  If I slack a little bit this summer, I know I can get it back.  No worries.

Yesterday we ran and it was great.  Today we worked in the garden, and that was great, too.  We picked blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, chard, spinach, tomatoes, radishes, and beets.  Tomorrow?  Who knows?


  1. Thanks, it is! This is our seventh year in this house, so the garden is very well established at this point.

  2. HI Margie. Great to hear from you today. Reminds me that I follow but you're not on my blog roll so I've been missing your posts but I'm fixing that right now! When is baby #2 due? Did I read that right in your comment?

  3. Amanda, there's no baby yet! We're just planning at this point, but sometime in the next year is the plan- as if babies let you follow a plan!