Thursday, December 8, 2011

Running in my Neighborhood

Thursday afternoon, I did something completely new, something I have never done before: I put on my running clothes, opened the door of my house, stepped outside, and ran.

I only ran 1 mile, but it was a happy, fast-ish mile during which I smiled the entire time.  After moving last week, getting sick, and not running or doing any type of cardio for more than a week, one mile was the perfect amount.  I came home 10 minutes (and change) later, happy and calm.  In my short run, I saw neighbors, counted outdoor cats, and scoped out where to get into one of two parks that back up to our new digs.

What got me back on the bandwagon?

  • Being settled into our new house, even halfway.  Sure, there are still boxes.  Yes, there's a lot left to do and there are no paintings on the walls.  But we're here.  The closings are done, the bills paid, and we get to live here for the rest of our lives.  Seriously.  I'm not doing this again.
  • Eating a lot.  This goes with being settled, but I think the stress of impending moving/closing/etc. really curbed my appetite, and for a pregnant lady, that can really zap energy.  I felt like poo last week and didn't' fully recover until the last few days.  Recovering meant a better appetite, so I've been filling up on clementines, pickles, ginger dressing, spinach, and mint-chocolate chip ice cream,  I love being pregnant!
  • Yoga.  Starting Sunday, I began doing 20 minutes of yoga pretty much every day, with or without Little Man helping me out.  I immediately began sleeping better, and my back isn't as sore.  I do what I remember being legal from prenatal yoga last time around.  I'll start going to prenatal yoga classes again in January.  I can't wait!
  • Convenience.  It takes me three minutes to drive to and from work.  I get home when the sun is still up, even in December.  And I live on a quiet street that happens to have a perfect one-mile loop.  Really, how can I not run?  Tomorrow I will notice when it's light enough to run in the morning and see if I have enough time before school to get in a quick workout.  I do not have a fancy headlamp for running in the dark, and I am also paranoid, so I have to have daylight.
For the rest of December, I have a few goals:
  1. Practice yoga 4-5 times per week.  Whenever I'm diligent in my practice, I feel better.  It's a no-brainer.
  2. Run or walk 3-4 times per week.  The dogs will get to join me on this, at least some of the time.
If I can do these two things for the rest of 2011, I feel that I will have started some really good habits in my new home.  2012 is going to be an incredible and busy year, so I need to be physically and mentally prepared to face it. 

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