Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Trot 5k

This Thanksgiving, Dad and I ran the Turkey Trot 5k in Washington, DC. It benefits SOME (So Others Might Eat) and runners get a nice view of the Capitol (with an O) and the Mall (without stores).

The Good

  • Bambino got to participate in the 1-mile fun run. At least, it was supposed to be one mile.  We got there a tad late, started on our own, and we let him turn around on the out-and-back course as soon as he felt like it. Sure, he didn't run a mile. I couldn't care less. He ran joyfully and energetically the whole time, high-fiving a turkey at the finish.
  • I ran the 5k in 25:57, four minutes faster than my goal and one minute faster than my super-secret goal.  I've got another 5k in December (Running of the Balls), so maybe I'll shoot for sub-25:00 with that.
  • Dad got a PR!
  • I've never run a 5k in a big crowd before, and I really enjoyed it. I didn't talk to anyone during the race (Dad and I ran separately), but I enjoyed listening in on conversations. Annoying things even enticed me to speed up: I had to pass three chatty girls running in a straight line as well as a woman with about $1.50 in change in her back pocket. Whatever motivates you, right?
  • After the race, we went to the Natural Science Museum. Bambino loved it! He loved the dinosaurs, the fish, the mammals- everything. He's a science kid.
The Bad
  • The one thing I didn't like about the crowds was that there was no room for snot rockets. That's right, I said snot rockets. I love them. I'm good at them. And with that many people, there was no chance to show off my skills.
  • I missed the chance to see friends who were running. If I'd posted the race on FB, maybe we could have coordinated. Maybe next year...
The Funny
  • I did see one old friend. To be precise, I saw him pushing a stroller on the other side of the road as I looped back around the course.  I did what anyone would do, I'm sure: I shouted his (full) name at the top of my lungs several times while running out of my lane to circle around, get right next to him, wave my hand in his face like an idiot, and say "hey!". Then I turned around and ran back to my proper spot. Yup, I have amazing social skills. At least I didn't trip. 
I looked through the race pictures, but no shots of Dad, Bambino, or I. I assure you, we had a great time. Next up- streaking. More to follow this week!

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  1. So funny. Glad you didn't trip. ha! Nice job beating your goal! And for getting back at running!