Thursday, February 24, 2011

New use for a the wine chiller

My mom left her high-tech, bendable, velcro, freezable wine chiller here after the marathon New Year's Eve spades tournament.  There it languished, ignored in the freezer, until last week when I needed something to ice my ankle/foot unpleasantness.

It was heavenly.  It stayed cold, fit onto my foot, and stayed there because of the little velcro strips.  I should have taken pictures!  I will return it to my mom, but not until I get through the race with no more injuries.  IT would be just as good for achilles or calf injuries, but my thighs are definitely too big.  My favorite part was not feeling little broccoli spears poking me as I try to ice my injury.

Thankfully the foot is all better.  I really had to dial back the running last week; my long run was a whopping 7.5 miles!  By Monday it was just about better- just a twinge here and there.  I ran 4.5 Monday and 3.5 today; I would've run Tuesday, too, but my wardrobe choices were appropriate for 70-degree Monday, not 40-degree and windy Tuesday.  Oops.

Saturday my running group is doing 21 miles, so that will be my twenty miler for this race.  I know that most of the runners will be faster than I am (around 8:30 pace), but I'll keep up as much as I can and enjoy the camaraderie at the end.  I think I'm mentally prepared for 21 miles, but physically I am far behind.  January was the month of the flu.  February was the month of the ankle.  Now March is race month!  Where did the time go?  I am simply unprepared for this race, but that won't stop me from running it.  Come race day, I have no idea what to expect from myself and maybe, in some weird way, that will free me up for greatness.  If nothing else it's important to know that I'm not in peak shape.  I will run more marathons in the coming years. Maybe they'll be faster, maybe not.  I will be proud of this race, too.

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  1. Not all of us are running 21... catch you for the last 13 or after, maybe? Glad your ankle is better.