Monday, February 7, 2011

All Better (but is that rib broken?)

First, if you cough a lot while sick and then one of your ribs suddenly sticks out, say, 1/2-inch further than its partner, can you safely assume that you broke it?  Is there another reason that a rib would protrude?

I guess it doesn't really matter.  It doesn't hurt any more, so I'm not going to ask someone to put it back or anything.  I once broke my nose in a car door (I have depth perception issues) and didn't find out it was broken for, say, a month or two.  The doctor then kindly offered to put it back where it went, but who would voluntarily have their nose broken again?  That's just wrong.  It still works, and you can't really tell it's crooked.

But I digress...

I'm all better, with a whopping seven weeks to train up for this race.  I ran 14 miles Saturday, and they weren't that bad.  My legs do still hurt, but that's to be expected when your weekly miles aren't what they should be.  I even managed to sneak in three miles today between school, picking up little man, and going to a Magnet Fair open house to brag about my school. (I love doing that since I love my school).  I'll run 18 or so Saturday and try to keep my weekday miles up.  I'm optimistic that 18 won't be that bad, especially since my buddy Brian wants to run 17 of them with me.  Do I believe that he'll really run slow enough for me?  No, but he's really funny and running out-of-breath but amused trumps running at a comfortable pace but bored.  It's true.

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