Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still (Friggin') Sick.

Thursday I was optimistic that three days of illness was all I'd get; it is now Sunday evening and I am just now starting to feel a bit better.  No eight miles Friday because me fever was back and I couldn't breathe.  No eighteen miles today because I haven't had a real meal since Monday and have officially lost all the holiday weight.

I've never gotten a flu shot before.  I always said it was because I've never had the flu.  Now that this fact has apparently changed, can I go ahead and sign up for next year's flu shot now?  Pick a date, any date- I will be there early with a sleeveless shirt.

I now have 53 days left until the marathon and have yet to run over 15 miles.  I have seven weeks to prepare, and two of those should probably be a taper.  So five weeks to go from 15 to 20, five weeks to have really solid weekly miles, five weeks to make my legs, lungs, and mind ready for this race.  I will probably not be able to run a 3:40 this time, so I will play with the numbers a little this week to find a better goal that fits where I am at this point.  It's only my second marathon, and it won't be my last.  I can qualify for Boston another year.

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