Thursday, January 27, 2011


The flu/virus/cold that's been going around my school (15% absent yesterday?  yikes!) caught me Monday afternoon and did not want to let go.  I went to school Tuesday but could barely speak; Wednesday I laid on the couch all day, napping.  Today I was so excited to be able to get out of bed and shower without being out of breath.  I returned to school, but my voice stayed away; maybe it'll come back tomorrow.

Instead of running 18 miles tomorrow, I will try to run 8.  If I can do that without collapsing in Country Park, I'll try for 18 on Sunday.

I know that there's a lesson here, and I think I even know what it is: you can plan all you want, but life will sometimes force you to change course.  I haven't ever had a running injury (perhaps because I don't run all that much?), but this little bout of nastiness teaches the same lesson.  Sticking to the plan while ignoring the current situation would be stupid and counterproductive.

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