Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where have all the long runs gone?

First, the good: I went to the track last night for the first time in a long time.  We did mile repeats, and Anna the Speed Rabbit pulled me to three miles @ 7:00 or under (6:54, 6:58, 7:00).  I'm very proud of that accomplishment.  I am also proud of not jumping out of my skin at the sight of the coyote decoy that resides on the track.  He freaks me out.  A lot.  The camaraderie of the track really appeals to me; no matter what pace you run, what workout you need, you have people there who support you, cheer you on, and sympathize with your pain and success.
the super-scary decoy coyote.  yikes!
The other good: I made my goal of working out 20 times in December and am ahead of the curve (so far) to hit 100 miles in January.  I got in a good little run today on the treadmill (I planned to run outside but forgot a key part of my running wardrobe... whoops).  It's getting easier to make time for running without sacrificing family time.

My problem seems to be (okay, is) making the time for long runs.  I haven't had a long run since before Christmas.  There are a load of good excuses: we went to visit family for Christmas; I wanted to save my legs the week before New Year's for the 5k; I couldn't really breathe; I have a work commitment this Saturday; I have church this Sunday.  I also have less than 80 days until the marathon.  No matter how well the weekly miles go, the race will not go well without actual long runs.  I know this.

Where does it end?  I know I'm in control of my life, but I am not in control of the fact that Band Auditions happen this weekend and that I have to be there 7:45-6:00, pretty much the exact hours that the sun will be around.  I'm also not in control of not being able to breathe well enough to even think of a long run, which is what happened last Sunday.  Must be your garden-variety wintertime funk.  It's better now, thank goodness.

My plan right now is to run Sunday afternoon while the little one naps, between church and youth group.  I'm getting better at afternoon long runs: what to eat or not to eat, what shoes to wear that morning.  I also love that it's a good ten degrees above freezing and sunny.  I need to run 16, but I haven't run past 12 since the marathon.  14 may be more realistic.  

Realistic should be my goal for the next 11 weeks.  Set realistic goals.  Find time to run long at least every other weekend.  Put family ahead of running and running ahead of sleeping in and vegging on the couch.  That's the plan.

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