Friday, March 11, 2011

I made a friend!

This week's runs have been great!
Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- 5 miles
Wednesday- 3 miles
Thursday- rest with yoga

Today I planned on 14-15 miles.  Since this is "Spring Break"- in quotes because it was only two days due to snow- I got to run long on a weekday.  Also because it's Spring Break, I had dental appointments.  Yes, plural.  Yesterday and today.  Today's appointment ended at 12:00, giving me time to grab lunch (sushi- good choice?), run an errand, change clothes in a public restroom, and get to runnin'.

I knew it was going to be a boring run, but I had prepared for it.  I had my shuffle, some Gu chomps, and a Gatorade bottle which I left on the top of my car.  The plan: three five-mile legs, each ending at the car for a snack.  Oh, the boredom.

I ran the first leg.  No one was at the park.  Lunch time on a Friday is not popular for exercise, apparently.  It was pretty windy, too, but that breaks up the monotony.  I crossed paths with two runners, a few bikers, and a dog walker, but that's all.  I got back to the car ready to lose the jacket and slurp some Glacier Freeze.

And there were the two runners!  The man talked to me, but I couldn't hear him with my loud music.  I took out my ear buds and we chatted.  Then the woman said she was running 9 more.


Dork that I am, I unhesitatingly said, "Can we run together?"  Thankfully she only looked at me strangely for a split-second, and then we (re)introduced ourselves.  Turns out we knew each other from the running store!  We negotiated pace- I love how runners always swear they'll slow each other down when it is so not the case- and took off.

My new running buddy and I ran 9 miles at about 8:30 pace.  We talked about our families, our children (who go to the same school!), racing plans, and all the sorts of things two runners talk about: arm sleeves, shoes, race fuel.

So, my planned boring run turned out to be fast, challenging, and really fun.  I'm thankful for a monotonous first 5 miles to highlight the next 9.  My legs are happily sore from a lot of running and a little yoga, but the red wine is helping.


  1. I have totally picked up other runners during a run. We (the group I run with) saw a woman running alone. She made a comment that she should be running with us. I told her to turn around and come with us. Turns out we had several mutual friends. We've been running together ever since!

  2. I might be totally biased, but I think running is the best way to meet people.

  3. I'm so glad I fought that inner feeling of awkwardness. I love running with people, especially when you don't know all of their stories already!

  4. It was fantastic running with you, Margie! Thank you so much for offering. I totally agree with everyone - running is the best way to meet people. All the best at National Marathon in a couple of weeks, Margie!

  5. Hey Margie! It's so good to get caught back up on your blog! It sounds like your training is going great! I love running with people, especially new people, that is awesome that you found each other!

    I changed blogs, if you want to see it, you can click on my name. Good luck with the rest of your marathon training!

    Oh, and my daughter was able to get into the girls on the run program this year, she starts tomorrow, I'm excited for her and anxious to see if she likes running!

  6. Abby, I'm glad to "see" you again! I was so worried about your son, etc. That is great that your daughter got into GOTR. Marathon is only 9 days away! eek!