Wednesday, March 30, 2011

National Marathon Race Recap, Part 2

Here are some pictures from the race.  I don't run with a camera, so these were taken by my personal paparazzi squad (try saying that three times fast).  The pictures from the official race photographer are ready now, but they are awful.  I honestly thought I was looking at the cameraman and smiling every time; either there were two at every stop, or I was smiling at some random man with a zoom lens.  In almost all of the photos my eyes are closed, and in quite a few my hair is plastered to my head.

So, the pictures!
Can you tell I'm happy to see my family at mile 20?  Yup, I was.

A quick hug before going on.  No, my bum is not really lumpy; those are the rest of my chews.

At the finish.  I look serious.  And I have two chins.

The Bambino trying on my medal.  He says he's going to be a runner.  So cute!

Little Man helping me stretch after the race.

I have no idea what I thought was so funny, but I love this picture.  I appear to be on the Metro, still wearing my lovely space blanket.

I have yet to run.  Monday and Tuesday I couldn't walk normally, so running seemed silly.  Today  with school church, and weather, it just wasn't going to happen.  I'll try to go for a few tomorrow, but I feel absolutely no pressure to run if I don't want to.  I haven't run without a plan in a while, so I plan to revel in this before moving on to the next race, which will be a 5k on May 21.  A sub-22:00 5k will be mine!  Mine, I say!

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