Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Bee

I have not run one time since last Saturday's race, and I do not feel guilty. My pregnant body gets as much recovery time as it needs, and it was a busy week finishing up the quarter at school. And then on Friday...

We got an offer on our house. It has been on the market since spring, and we were just about ready to pull it off and stay put. But Friday brought an offer which we quickly accepted, so we spent the weekend looking for a new house. We have it narrowed down to a few choices, all of which are close to school, church, and parks for running. They are in neighborhoods as well, which is totally new for us. The toddler and the new baby will live somewhere where people walk dogs several times a day, children trick-or-treat, and you have nearby neighbors who might just become friends. They will grow up close enough to their own friends to invite them over after school. That is just so exciting!

Running geek that I am, I have already mapped several courses from each potential house. I will no longer whine for a treadmill, because I will be able to simply run from my front door with a stroller or a dog (or two) or any combination.

So, no running last week or this weekend, but that's all right. I hope to run a few times this week to get back into it, but by early December, if everything goes well, I will be running as much as I possibly can!

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