Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cannonball Run Half Marathon

The race went so well!  Dad set a new PR of just under 2:35, and he's already talking about his first marathon (National Marathon 2013- I'm in!).

We started the morning with a pre-race photo shoot.  First we compared bellies, and then we posed for something rather more normal.
I want you to know that Dad is sticking out his belly- way out- for effect.  
But it's still a pretty funny picture.

The race was smaller than I expected, but the volunteers were so nice, and there was plenty of water and sports drink.  There were also plenty of port-potties.   Thank goodness!  The family met us at mile 7 and again just after mile 8 to cheer us on and take some photos.  Then they went to a Fall Festival while Dad and I tackled the notoriously hilly course.  Seriously hilly.  We gained and lost 600 feet each over the course of 13 miles.  If that's not a lot, then I do not want to live where you run.  It felt brutal.

Our wonderful cheering section.  They are saying, "Go runners!"
Dad and I also received high fives from the bambino.

This is how hilly the course is.  Do you see just above my father's right knee?  
He said near the end that his quads were aching.  We got home and 
uploaded the pictures, and there's his crazy leg.  Is that normal?

The bambino enjoying the Fall Festival.  
There was also face painting and a very popular hayride.

After finishing, we met up with the family at the Fall Festival.  We ate lunch and headed home, and then the parents headed back to their neck of the woods.  What a great Saturday to spend with family!

I am officially done with anything strenuous.  I will keep running, but my longest run will be five or six miles, and as of this week it's time to add back in some yoga.  I might do a few 5ks this fall or winter, but they will be slow and for fun only.  I promise.

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  1. So fun! Made me smile huge to see these pictures of you and your dad. So special.