Saturday, October 30, 2010

Easy Running with Jack

I ran with one of the dogs today.  Jack has historically been the fastest, fittest dog, but he's gotten out of shape because of marathon training.  I neglected our weekend runs when my weekend runs needed to be long and/or fast.  Today reminded me how much he needs to get his exercise in, too.  He used to run six miles with me, dart back and forth to mark trees- thank goodness for retractable leashes.  Today he huffed and puffed just behind me.

Jack would prefer to run off-leash; he's an aussie/blue heeler cross, so it's in his DNA to pretty much stick to me like glue.  Sadly, he got fined at a national park for his freewheeling ways, so it's all-leash all the time these days.
Here's Jack wearing his ticket the day of said event.  What a cute little reprobate.

So, Jack and I ran.  It was slower and shorter than I would have liked, but it's what he needed.  We ran three miles at around 9:45 pace, and I had to cheer him on at the end.  We're going to go for another run tomorrow and as often as possible until January when (gasp!) marathon training begins again. 

Until then?  My goal is to run a sub-22:00 5k by January.  I think it's doable.  If I can run 23:00 on Thanksgiving at the Gobbler with its hilly course, I know I can take off another minute by New Year's.  I'm much better at running long than running quickly, so this will be work.  Here are the races I plan to run:
November 7: Battle of the Triad 5k. I'm not sure about this one, but I have lots of friends doing the half-marathon so it'll be a fun crowd even if I'm slow.
November 13: Alumni Fun Run at Sewanee.  I'm not an alum, but I'll be there and like to run.  Maybe I'll borrow a disguise?
January 1: Resolution Run 5k

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