Friday, October 8, 2010


My Garmin and my computer won't speak to one another, and this has left me without the pretty maps, graphs, and tallies that I love so much. I posted this fact on Facebook hoping to get sympathy from my runner friends- no dice. Instead my so-called friends told me that addiction is real and that there is life after Garmin. That's not what I'm looking for!

I got the Garmin for my birthday and I love it. Sure, it tells me how fast I run and knows my heart rate, but my favorite thing is having all of that data to play with at the end of a run, a week, a month, or a training cycle. And if my watch can't tell my computer how far I ran last night (3.5) or this afternoon (2.4), how will I know where I stand? I love how I can set a goal and it keeps track of my progress. I love seeing my pace and average heart rate for all of my runs. I do not love neurotically plugging and unplugging a piece of technology in the vain hope that the tiny wizards (or elves or whatever) that make it do its thing will wake up and perform.

The usb antenna has been limping along lately, and I'm pretty sure this is because James likes to grab it while it's in the computer and give it a little jiggle. In the past the issue has only lasted a few hours; then, miraculously, the computer sees the ant stick which listens to the watch which tells the internet that I ran. This time I've waited more than 24 hours. I've tried different ports, I've tapped the ant stick, I've even blown in it the way we used to do with Nintendo games. Nothin'. Grr.

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