Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Only 10 Days...

I cannot believe that in ten days we'll be in Baltimore for the marathon! This weekend's long run was a non-event; Sunday morning came and I couldn't breathe correctly. Stupid allergies.

It might also be because there was already a car parked where I like to park. Before sunrise I am extremely paranoid. I will not park next to another car for any reason and don't even want a car driving by as I pull in; in my head, each car holds a psychopath stalker intent on my demise. I know it's irrational, but before the sun comes up rational is overrated. I drove around for twenty minutes waiting for the sun to rise. When it did, I discovered that the car parked in my lot was owned by a thirty-something female runner out for her long solo run as well. Had I had an iota of faith in humanity we could have possibly run together or at least exchanged knowing "hey there!" waves as we set off. Oh well.

I managed to squeeze in a six mile run today which left me feeling great. I kept a quick pace (for me) and didn't slow down. I plan to do another six Thursday night from Off n' Running and then run an easy 10 Sunday. It'll be my last long run before race day!


  1. Thanks! I'll do an easy ten miler Sunday and then hope to not injure myself before the race!