Saturday, July 30, 2011

I am OLD!!!

So Thursday morning, we decided to rearrange the bedroom.  Not a big deal at all.  We turned the bed, swept, and then I attempted to lift the bed to pull the rug out from under it.


Suddenly my back hurt and I was on the floor.  I caught my breath and got up, which is when everything went blurry.  I did not pass out- I remember carefully falling back to the ground while recalling how to take a tackle in rugby ("knees, hips, shoulders, nice ball").  Instead of "nice ball", I gently placed my head on the ground.

Two hours later, two ibuprofen later, a heat pad later, here are the things I have learned:
  1. 30 is different than 29.  If I had done this two months ago, I would be fine, because I would still be young.
  2. Everything you lift requires balance, which means it requires lower back muscles: a teapot, a teacup, the toddler onto the potty (ouch!), a book, my foot to scratch my knee (only tried that once), the iPad... everything
  3. Those sticky heat pads are amazing.
  4. It is an excellent idea to own, in a family, at least one automatic transmission automobile in case of injury.  I know that I could not put in the clutch on our Honda if you offered me a million dollars.
  5. My son can be incredibly gentle when he really believes he has to.  He has been so kind and has not climbed on my.  This is highly unusual.
  6. My son has a wicked sense of humor.  When I move wrong, it takes my breath away.  So on our way to his room, he started panting like Mama.   Too bad laughing also hurts...
By Friday I was only walking like a troll when I had been sitting too long, and the ibuprofen continues to help.  Little Man and I even went on a short stroller run, which I finished up with walking lunges because I know they'll help my back and they make my passenger laugh.  He calls them "funny yoga walkin'".

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