Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summertime Excuses Not to Run

  1. It's already too hot outside.
  2. Too many kids on scooters trying to kill me.
  3. If I ran, I'd have to shower.
  4. My running clothes are all dirty.
  5. The gym (and its air-conditioned treadmills of bliss) is 20 minutes away.
  6. There are spiderwebs all over the trail.
  7. Everyone else is having their first glass of wine (normally this is an excuse for afternoon/evening runs, but you never know).
  8. Breakfast/lunch/dinner was too heavy.
  9. I feel dehydrated.
  10. I feel too hydrated and there are no potties on the trail and there are too many other runners and bikers to pee in the woods.
Just a little silliness, really, as the heat wave makes running outside pretty darn difficult.  Little man and I ran Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and each time I was bathed in sweat for almost an hour afterward as my body tried to cool itself off.  The stroller's nice breeze prevented my passenger from sweating even a drop, but I looked like a swimmer.  Even in the heat, though, the runs felt great.

And then came yesterday.  Forecast of 100 degrees and a heat advisory; sometimes it's not an excuse not to run, it's a good idea.  At least when you're running with a toddler.  So I took a rest and yoga day and will do the same today before working at the running store.  Today is an excuse day: excuse #1, actually.  I could have left the bambino at home, but by the time I got up at 7:00, it was already hot and steamy and, well...

I can always find an excuse not to run.  I am not as good at hearing how lame those excuses are and going out anyway.  Tomorrow morning, for instance, I need to run 6 miles.  It's the first long run in my training plan for the Cannonball Half Marathon in October.  At 7:00 a.m., it will be 77 degrees and 82% humidity.  Yuck.  I will make some lame excuses and hopefully acknowledge how stupid they sound and then run.  I have no goals for time on a hot, humid day, but I have to run.


  1. I understand the excuses, I do! I always telling people that for me, the hardest part of running is the planning to run. The scheduling it, the lying in bed at night thinking that I have to run 15 miles at 6:00 AM, the looking at my planned miles for the week and thinking how will I ever do that.....

    The mental part is tough. Especially when there is a heat advisory. We live in Mississippi, so it is very hot and humid here too!

    I like your idea of having a goal for miles for the year. 800 miles in a year is a great goal. I have no idea how many miles I run in a year. But I am on Daily Mile (are you?) and I can look back and see. Interesting. In fact, I think Daily Mile keeps a running total for you. I am going to check that out.

    I ran my first marathon back in April. I am planning to run another one on Dec. 3. St. Jude in Memphis. I have run the Half there 3 times. I hope to improve my marathon time. I will begin my official training the first week of September. Right now, I am rebuilding my mileage to 30/week before the training begins.

    Have a good weekend. I hope you find a not quite so hot part of the day to run!

    (p.s. found your blog through Baby Steps.)

  2. Ok, I just read your race results! You are FAST! FAST!
    I am not! I just plod along getting the miles in.

    It is hard to balance family, work, running.....I blog about trying it all too! I have 5 children that I homeschool. My four oldest children and my husband all run too. The youngest has done a fun run or two (he's 5)!

  3. I'm not good at NOT running, when I need to... I really quite honestly thought I was going to die on Thursday.

    In other news, I miss you!

  4. Kate, I miss you, too! I am working at the store next Friday and Satirday, so come see me.
    Roan, I am from Memphis! The St. Jude marathon is one of my goal races, although not in the next few years. And I am on dailymile, too. It really helps me look back on my running. Good luck with the training! I will try to find you on dailymile.

  5. You are a champion! At least you *admit* that your excuses are in fact excuses and not, as I call them, Legitimate Reasons that Running Is Impossible Today.

    If you don't mind sharing, what model is the stroller you use when you go running with your son? One of my better reasons for wriggling out of a run is that my 13-month-old daughter is too hot in the stroller, which is honestly quite true much of the time here in New Orleans (we've got a BOB, and she sweats a lot!).

    Do you have any other suggestions for keeping the kiddo cool when you're training?

    Thanks so much, I love following your progress!

    Avie Vaughan

  6. Avie, we have the Baby Trend jogging stroller. At 30 pounds, little man is technically over the 25 pound limit, but since the total weight limit is 50 pounds, we havenever noticed a problem. The BOB is a great stroller, but it would not fit in our hybrid.

  7. Thanks, Margie. I have a couple of other friends with Baby Trend joggers who like them a lot. I suppose the real reason my little one gets so hot is that it is, well ... so hot. :)