Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mile Race and Two-a-Days

The beach is great!  Little Man is finally old enough to love the water, as well as rides and other silliness.  Just a few pictures of our stay so far...

in his "ocean jacket"

Riding a Thomas lookalike in Ocean City

Sunset.  Do you see the moon, Mama?

My silly boy

Monday night at 6:30, a few hundred runners lined up for the American Mile race at the end (that is, the literal end) of Longport. There were people sporting race shirts from as far back as the seventies and LOTS of kids who ran really fast. Everyone in town who was not running was spectating.

The race started and the dodging of small children began. My favorite group was three ten-year-old girls who ran slowly, in a line, with their arms stretched out to both sides so that no one would pass them. Thankfully their arms got tired pretty quickly. We ran with the wind at our backs on a very flat road with no turns: perfect conditions. It felt easy. I finished in 6:30, and I had no clue if that was worthy of a win.  Dinner seemed more important than waiting around for awards, so I walked on home.

See how happy I look?  This is right before I started
passing people...

Last night a very kind friend brought over my lovely bronze medal for a third place win in 30-39.  I am beyond happy.  (I may have worn the medal until bed time...)

My dad and I ran TWICE on Saturday, I ran twice on Monday counting the race, and I ran solo yesterday.  My Garmin is FULL of workouts since I didn't bring the USB port to transfer them.  Since we pretty much sit around all day, my legs feel fresh even with the extra work.  We rode to the Atlantic City Boardwalk this morning (bikes are allowed until 10:00 am) and Dad and I will most likely do 5 this evening.  So, I love the beach.  And we get to stay longer!


  1. Oh, I know that Thomas train was a hit...

  2. Yes it was! He's been talking about it every day. We're going back tomorrow.