Saturday, August 18, 2012


My first race of the fall is the Miles for Matthew 10k here in Greensboro.  I pledged to raise at least $100, and as of Thursday I'd only raised $35.  So around 9:00, I posted this:

One month away! I have raised $35 towards my goal of $100. ( thanks ***!) How about giving even a dollar to an awesome cause? If I exceed my goal, I will (temporarily) dye my hair just about any color imaginable. That has to motivate some of you out there...

Well, within thirty minutes I had nearly doubled my goal.  I am so thankful for friends who support a worthy cause.  Now, however, I have to figure out what color to dye my hair.  It will be for the race, but depending on the color it might stick around longer.

In college, I dyed my hair a lot.  It was bright pink, strawberry blond, electric blue, and various shades of red and brown.  After graduation I just stopped.  It's been nearly ten years since my hair has had any kind of color, so I think it'll be fun.  The only problem is that I'm prone to laziness, especially in hair care, so I need a color that won't take a lot to maintain.  The current votes are for pink, orange, fuchsia, or gold- I don't know how my principal would feel about those, but it's for a good cause.  I have about a month to figure it out, so I'll keep you updated.

Another current goal is to run 50 miles this month.  This is huge for me; I've never been a high mileage runner, and even during marathon training I struggled to run more than 100 miles in a month.  So I am thrilled to say that I'm on track to not just meet but kill my August goal.

    Aug '11
  2. 35
    Sep '11
  3.  33
    Oct '11
  4. 12
    Nov '11
  5. 30
    Dec '11
  6.  47
    Jan '12
  7. 36
    Feb '12
  8. 19
    Mar '12
  9. 16
    Apr '12
  10. 3
    May '12
  11. 19
    Jun '12
  12. 38
    Jul '12
  13. 41
    Aug '12

I've been running about 15 miles per week, and that's going to go up as my weekend runs get longer.  This morning I ran SIX MILES, my longest post-baby run yet.  I managed to average less than 10:00/mile, a pleasant surprise.  For me, running gets easier the more I run.   I know some (okay, most if not all) of you are saying no kidding, but in the past I've tried to get by with three runs a week.  There are lots of plans out there (Runner's World and elsewhere) that call for two midweek runs and a weekend long run. With my schedule, I figured that was the best I could do. Now I run five days a week, working up to six, and you know what? I feel great.  It was easy to find the time without sacrificing family or work.

And, of course, some pictures of the kiddos simply because they're adorable.

 My little runner. He's probably 
listening to Todd Snider.

 Psychedelic Camouflage

A whole lotta orange around here


  1. Love the pics. the way, we ended up with the first medal from LP for your little runner. Will bring next visit

  2. OK...I think the hair color should be tortoise shell, a mixture of gold, copper, and chestnut. That's my vote. Great to see you guys again last night.