Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fall Race Schedule

I've made up my mind about (at least some of) the races I will run this fall.  For me, there's always this tension between loving races and hating paying for them: I am thrifty (that is, cheap).  Regardless, this season I need races to motivate and keep me on track to a spring marathon.

9/15- Miles for Matthew 10k
My goal should be just to finish, since I had a baby three months ago and have never run a 10k.  Instead, I really want to finish in less than an hour.  I think I can do it.  I ran five miles, averaging just above 10:00/mile, on Saturday.  With another month of training and a cooler morning, I should be good.
10/13- Cannonball Half Marathon
Dad and I are running this one together.  He ran it in 2:35 last year and (I think) his goal this year is 2:15, on the road to his first marathon next spring!  I've run this race so many times, and I enjoy racing on the Greenway where I train.
11/22- Greensboro Gobbler 5k
With no chance of getting close to my 5k PR (22:04), I would like to finish under 27 minutes, or better than 9 minutes per mile.  I would be thrilled to adjust this goal down based on the next few months, but that pace would be a big challenge today.  I love the course (Country Park) for training but really really hate it for a race: all those hills!
12/1- Mistletoe Half Marathon
All but the Mistletoe are in Greensboro; Mistletoe is in nearby Winston-Salem, and it's one of the first halfs I ran a gazillion years ago.  I want to run a sub-2:00 race.

I might add in another 5k or two depending on location, free time, and kids' events.  The Bambino wants to race, too, so I'll try to accommodate.  What races are you doing this year?  Any that I should know about?


  1. That sounds like the perfect fall race schedule. You are doing an amazing job with your running and workouts so soon after having a baby!

    I think you will like the 10K distance. It's one of my favorites!

    One more you teach at a school? If so, that's a lot to balance! But it seems like you are doing a great job. :)

  2. Thanks, Roan! I do teach at a high school- we actually started yesterday. It is a lot to balance, but I'm a morning person. Getting up around 6:00 before the rest of the household wakes up is working so far, and a run wakes me up more than coffee.