Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Cold Weather,

I'm usually a fan of your work. In the summer, when your buddy hot weather takes over, I have a hard time running, a hard time enjoying life outside. I get sunburns and look inappropriately sweaty. Then you step in and cool things down. I especially like it when the temperature hovers around freezing in the morning and sneaks up to around fifty by mid-afternoon. It's cold enough for sweaters and closed-toed shoes, but a girl can run without risking frostbite. By the way, that's the normal temperature for this time of year.

So what's going on with this new plan? Last week you stayed in the teens for several nights and didn't make it past freezing during the day. It forced some of my runs inside, which I did not appreciate. This week seems to be the same, with the addition of a wintry mix just in time for exams tomorrow, not to mention a scheduled tempo run. Monday's run happened on the treadmill, yesterday's track workout fizzled when I discovered that the wind chill temperature was FOURTEEN at 6:00.

Sorry to be so whiny, but I don't want to run on a treadmill, especially during one of those rare weeks when I have the time to run outside when the sun is out. Please adjust your highs and lows accordingly. I'm not asking for anything other than the average for this time of year. Come on.

To recap: It's too cold and I don't like wintry mix. Please change your plans.



  1. Ha! Ha! Cute! I hear ya!! It's been in the negative wind chills and actual temps in single digits here and I just can't run in that! I've had to get creative with my treadmill workouts. Today was a tempo run and I added hills every other mile. I'm hoping to run outside this Sat. with my new group, but Naomi has a basketball t-ment and I would have to miss a game, so we will see!

  2. This weather is driving me crazy! I hope you got outside for your run today!