Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Running Group is Too Fast (and I like it)

Today was my first long run since Baltimore.  I wanted to run 12 today, but my running club intervened.  You see, I run with fast people.  They are so friendly and welcoming, but they are faster than I am.  Before the baby, I would run with them two to three times a week: Tuesday track, Thursday tempo, maybe a long run on the weekends.  Post-baby, I run with them when I get the chance.  They make me laugh and I forget that they are going faster than I can muster until I've gone five miles and know I can't do seven more.  That's what happened today, at least.  It's not a big deal; I ran pretty fast, and I'm not going beat myself up about the first time I've run more than six miles since October 16.  I averaged 8:30 pace and the only sore part of me at the end was my core.  I guess I need to start doing more yoga again before the really long runs come back.

I did one rather stupid thing that I will not repeat until the temperature rises above freezing.  I was wearing my cute new Girls on the Run technical shirt today under my warm and comfy pullover.  At the four-mile water stop, I was toasty so I took off my hat AND my long-sleeve shirt.  I literally could not feel my arms until I passed back by the water stop around mile 7.  I'm not a wimp, but I am apparently a little stupid.

I mentioned these people are funny, but that doesn't begin to express the silliness and wonderfulness of the group. They tell jokes, make fun of one another, and support each other at the same time.  It's great.  I like that it's a mix of guys and gals, single and married, kids and no kids, young and otherwise.  I like that we all want to get faster.  I am so thankful that at least some of my workouts are with them.  During Christmas Break I'll try to run with them as often as possible and maybe even keep up with them for a whole workout.


  1. Sounds like an awesome running group!

    I have the hardest time layering for runs in cold weather. I'm inevitably too hot or too cold, and can never seem to get through an entire run with a hat and gloves.

  2. Still bummed I had to cut so much... you should be there next week so I can prove to you I'm not the lamest runner ever. Srs.

  3. I'm usually so good about layering. Usually I wear more on top than on the bottom, so I think the fact that I wore tights on Saturday threw me off. Next week it'll be capris/shorts and long on top.

    I will try to run with the group next week, too- but I already know you're not lame!

  4. That's great you have some people to push you, that will help you so much for your marathon. That's what I'm really hoping to get out of this running group that I joined. The bad part is, my kids are so busy on the weekends that I don't know how often I will be able to run with them. They have runs every sat. until March or April and I joined the intermediate group, so miles build up each week and then there are 2 20 milers. I'm excited to meet people and see what it's like. Your running group sounds awesome! Way to get in 10 miles!!