Friday, April 29, 2011


This has been an amazing week for running. First off, we have gone for three family exercise outings, where Jenn rides her bike ( much faster and independently) while James and I jog. This let's me feel like I am still getting family time while also getting a killer workout. I am not used to pushing a toddler, but it is doable. James and I ran yesterday evening sans Jenn with the local running store group. Very fun, and James got a super bright light to play with. ( maybe I was supposed to return it after the run. oh well, he likes it...)
Pushing a nearly thirty pound baby up hills while trying to run fast is a new challenge. James now does this funny heavy- breathing sound that I assume is an impersonation of how I sound near the top of a hill. It is cute. He also likes going on these runs now, and this is key. He gets a juice, some cereal, and has a great time. He gets to flirt with passers- by who invariably think he is adorable, because he is.
Then this morning I ran long- well, 10 miles. It felt so good to run without the stroller that I averaged 8:12 over ten miles! Good music helped, too. I ended feeling like I could have gone further. Then I ate a lot of food. Yay.
So, that makes 20 miles in six days, over five runs. The nice weather and family exercise time are helping me get more regular, but I will not pat myself on the back until I manage to get two good running weeks in a row. We shall see...

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